Ghost Control

Ghost Control 3.0

Record all the mouse and keyboard actions that have been performed
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Monitors and records all the mouse movements and clicks that you've made as well as all the keys that you've pressed and saves the log so that it can be replayed later.

Ghost Control is a software that can record, save, and replay any mouse or keyboard actions you do while working on your computer. Everything you record is being processed within Ghost Control System which remembers not only mouse and keyboard actions but also it remembers many parameters of windows environment in a moment of recording. That will bring you a feeling that Ghost Control actually knows what are you doing on a computer, not only that "he" will record just mechanical mouse moves and keyboard strokes, "he" will record the whole task you did with many invisible operating system parameters included. The recorded task can be executed while you are away using advanced scheduling system included. You can simply manage daily, weekly, monthly schedules. Everything you record can be executed on any computer (no matter if Ghost Control is installed or not) using exe file export feature.

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